Roofing and Waterproofing Consultants

Inspection Services:

ProTect, LLC provides nationwide inspection services on single buildings or mulitple facilities.  Because our office is centrally located, our fees are consistent and competitive across most of the country.  We are very fast, efficient and economical.   
We perform inspections on both existing roofs and roofs under construction.  We provide Roof Condition Assesments to establish roofing benchmarks and capital budgets.  We can also perform annual roof surveys to monitor weathering, repairs, and maintenance.   Some of the inspections we conduct include the following:
• Pre-Acquisition                    

Roof Condition Assessments

Annual Surveys

Seasonal Inspections

Storm Damage Inspections

Material Verification

Job-In-Progress Inspections

Final Inspections

Infrared Inspections

A Job-in-Progress Inspection helps discover installation deficiencies before they become leaks.
The top photo shows a probing tool highlighting an improperly welded seam.  The adjacent photo shows an inferior tenant finish roof modification.

The inspection of this installation showed that the roof was improperly attached and vulnerable to wind damage.