Roofing and Waterproofing Consultants







Protect, LLC can offer the following basic roof inspection and roof design services on any size or type of project:


 Roof Condition Assessments: Can be performed on any scale including single location/one-term inspections or multi-facility/multi-schedule inspections.


 Roofing and Waterproofing Design: Tailored to fit both the owner and the building's needs to avoid business interruptions or      unexpected expenses.


Specification Preparation:  To help ensure appropriate materials and systems for code compliance and roof performance.


 Construction Drawing and Details:   Are incorporated into many aspects of our services and are critically important to communicate project requirements.


 Bid Solicitation: Assist with proper contractor selection and bidding document communication.

Submittal Review: A simple but thorough review of the submittals can minimize problems prior to project start.


 Roof Construction Observation and Quality Inspection:   This is a critical aspect of the project to ensure that what the owner is paying for is, in fact, being delievered.


Final Inspections:   A necessary part of the RCOQI program to ensure that all punchlist items are complete and the roof installation is accepted for final payment.


Special Investigations:   Can be provided for those "unusual" situations where special experience is needed.  


• Infrared Thermography:   This is a very useful tool to enhance many of our consulting functions.  Infrared thermography can locate leak sources, identify wet areas, and assist in mitigatin future problems associated with chronic, unresolved leaks.


• Budget Planning and Construction Cost Estimating:    This is especially important to those responsible for preparing budgets and planning capital expenditures.

Our Comprehenive Roof Consulting Services provide a complete approach to managing your Roof Assets or Roof Construction Project.  For a detailed description of these services please click the links below: 

• Roof Asset Management

• Roof Construction Administration