Roofing and Waterproofing Consultants

ProTect, LLC is an independent consulting firm that specializes in Roofing and Waterproofing consultation by providing nationwide  Roof Inspection, Roof Asset Management, and Roof Construction Administration services.


• Annual Roof Surveys

Roof Condition Assessments

• Special Investigations

• Design and Specification

Construction Observation and Quality Control

Gain Control of your Roof Assets

Your roof is a large portion of your building's exterior, and often it represents an unknown variable when it comes time to managing it.  Frequently, it is difficult to access, confusing to inspect, and aggravating to maintain.   Even more difficult is the decision of when to replace it. Too often you must rely on your service contractor to keep you informed of your roof's condition, and many times they just don't speak the same language as you.  Are you replacing it too soon?  Are you prolonging ineffective repairs?  Are you incurring extra costs?


Let us Help

We can evaluate your facility roofs and photographically document existing conditions. From there we can build a custom database to inventory and prioritize all your roofs according to capital and maintenance budgets and estimated remaining service life. A baseline of condition can then be established which allows you to “know where you are so you know where you're going” regarding your roof management.  


Improve your Bottom Line

Our roof reports are tailored to provide the information you need to make faster, better, and more accurate decisions as it relates to your roof asset management.  Color-coded roof drawings enhance our reports to make the information even more cohesive and quick-access. This provides a useful and efficient tool to manage your roofs which, quite simply, translates into savings.


Of course, all of this information is supported by our experienced team so you always feel IN CONTROL of your roofing assets.